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Rosaline Bustle It Up Skirt

Rosaline Bustle It Up Skirt

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A magnificently marvellous skirt that can be worn a multitude of ways. The basic shape is an Edwardian Flared Silhouette Full Length Skirt. With a high waist with a subtle v-shape in front, and elasticated in back, this has a dual layer ruffled hemline. The bottom layer is black and then the  top layer fabric can be swagged up into a cascading waterfall bustle with the two hidden buttons at the waistline. Or wear it worn down without the bustle effect  at full length.

This also has two pockets!

Another way of styling this is with the waterfall bustle worn to one side over one leg for a tango influence.

  • Measurements -  Large  Size 10 to 14 - Waist 77cm to 87cm; Length 102cm;
  • Size 14 to 18 - Waist 85cm to 96.5m; Length 103.5cm