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Lotus Leaf Tote Bag - Cherry

Lotus Leaf Tote Bag - Cherry

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This drill cotton tote bag in a gorgeous autumn shade of red in has lots of hidden pockets for carrying your treasures! 

There are two zipper pockets under the lotus leaf on the front; with the smaller pocket measuring approximately 12.5cm by 15cm, and the larger pocket measuring 15cm by 17.78cm. On the back are two more hidden zipper pockets on the inner side - so four pockets in total! The leaves have a lovely lace inset, and the belt is very adjustable with brass snaps and belt loops - whether you want to wear it slung around your hips, or over a shoulder cross-body style. For more of a boho feel, leather or linen can be laced through the brass jump rings between the leaves to hang more items from. 

It’s adjustable from 91cm to 116cm. The height from the top to the bottom of the biggest leaf  is about 19cm.