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Deep Sea Diving Helmet - Handmade with Brass and Verdigris Paint Finish

Deep Sea Diving Helmet

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A beautiful piece handmade by a local artist; this deep sea diver’s helmet may look like it's heavy enough to sink you to the bottom of the deep blue sea, but it’s beautifully lightweight, made in carefully shaped foam. (The artist who created this told us that the foam this will surely help you float to the surface quickly when needed!) Many hours have gone in to the creation of this one of a kind item, and this definitely shows with the gorgeous brass and aged verdigris paintwork effect, which  is combined with coils of tubing that contain a green liquid - we have been told it’s a steampunk invention containing life-sustaining phlogiston- this will help keep you alive when battling underwater creatures like the Kraken! The helmet is roomy, easy to wear,  and is beautifully finished with rope and brass rivets, so this really looks like a piece straight from a museum!