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Feather Quill Dip Calligraphy Set

Feather Quill Dip Calligraphy Set

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This beautifully ornate feather dip pen calligraphy set with it’s ornate base and matching pen holder, is a beautiful item for you to either keep for your own calligraphy  or art, or to use at an official event like a wedding. 

  • This is a dip pen, made of natural feather and alloy, with an ornate classical antique style hand grip and matching pen holder. 
  • Red and Blue Feather Quill Sets come with 5 dip pen nibs in different sizes.
  • Natural Speckled Feather has copper hand grip and Base with 3 dip pen nibs.
  • 1 Ink Bottle(without ink)

  • Comes in gift box