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Plague Doctor pin in black and white with script that says

Plague Doctor Pins

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A plague doctor to (hopefully) cure you of what ails thee! If you can’t walk around the neighbourhood in a functional plague doctor costume, or it’s not considered acceptable workwear either, then you can always wear one of these badass pins to ward off the vile pestilence!   Check out the shop’s plague doctor embroidered patches too.  I’ve pinned mine to the sleeve cuff of my top and to my bag - it reminds me to wash my hands and not touch my face!  

  • Measurements for each - “Wash Your Damn Hands” - 1.1” x 0.8” / 2.8cm x 2cm
  • ”No More Germs” - 1.1” x 1” / 2.8cm x 2.5cm 
  • Scythe and Raven -  1.1” x 0.8” / 2.8cm x 2cm
  • White Mask and Frilled Collar - 1.1” x 1” / 2.8cm x 2.5cm 
  • Plague Doctor in all Black -  1.1” x 1” / 2.8cm x 2.5cm