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Parasol and Umbrella Holster for Steampunks and Rockabilly in Black and Dark Brown

Parasol and Umbrella Holster

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Hands free so you can carry your picnic basket and tea-duelling accoutrements, but always at the ready to whip out that parasol to protect from that terrible burning orb blazing in the summer sky; or with an umbrella in case the aether suddenly buckets down rain, this parasol and umbrella holster is the perfect piece of steambling to take with you year round. The strap is adjustable and the lacing can loosen or tighten as needed. 

  • The holster is made from PU Leather and measures 34cm in length. 
  • Brass clips for the adjustable strap which matches the brass D-ring eyelets which the lacing is threaded into.