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Goggles  - CyberPunk and Rave Varieties

Goggles - CyberPunk and Rave Varieties

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 Upgrade your reality level by adding a bit of light and magic to your view of the world with these goggles! Also great for night raids on airships - bedazzle the pirate guards while you make off with their dirigible! Or trek through a sandstorm in the desert on Planet Dune with these to light your way. 

- Descriptions of each pair - 

  • Dark purple and slightly sparkly on a black background with curved hooks surrounding each lens
  • Unicorn bright with a chameleon colour change finish and kaleidoscope lenses
  • Cyberlight  Blue have Kaleidoscope Blue Lenses and come with a battery pack that powers the blue fibre optic running around the lenses. This has a changing flash pattern - change it from a steady glow to pulsing lights. Comes with batteries.