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Black Armour Faux Leather Underbust Corset with Silver Latches and Layered Hip Detail

Black Armour Underbust Corset - 28”

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Black Amour underbust corset - gothic gorgeousness made of solid, black, faux leather with cotton lining.

This is a 28” waist so best fits someone with a waist of 32” to 34”. The wide hip spring and rib spring accentuates an hourglass waist and figure.

Corset stiffened with 10 spiral bones for great support but also ease of movement. 
On the back are additional 4 flat metal bones.

On the side of the corsets are placed decorative panels with metal rivets.
Corset fastened with 5 swing hook locks. 

Tied at the back with a long cord.
It has covering modestly panel (18 cm wide).